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Many people sometimes think that it is too late to invest in cryptocurrency and that all the money in this market has already been earned. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The cryptocurrency market is always heating up as always, which is why so many young people are investing in it. 

There is a lot of money to be made with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as long as the investment is done correctly.

While there are many things you should know about cryptos before you invest, this should not stop you from investing. In fact, there are many reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies now.


110 Reasons To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Below are the reasons why you should invest in cryptocurrencies:

1. Nobody wants to lose

Whether you’re a millionaire or have just enough money to invest, it’s a great idea to invest in cryptography now.

It has the same sensation as the “.com” buzz after the bubble has burst. Of course, everyone has a lot of apprehensions, people are suspicious and the market seems to be stagnant. Do you remember what happened to the projects that existed at that time after the “.com” bubble burst? Think of Google, Amazon and Yahoo, in case you don’t remember.

Invest in cryptocurrencies now, if you can, because blockchain could be the technology that is sure to change the way we see the world now and in future.

2. There are currently safer exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges have had some problems in the past. The Gox incident, one of the worst cryptocurrency scams in history, knows exactly how bad it was. Gox was a Japanese exchange that managed more than 70% of all BTC transactions when it was hacked, more than 6% of Bitcoins in circulation in 2014 were stolen and had a value of approximately 350 million euros.

Many people believed that it would be the end of encryption. It wasn’t, of course. Nowadays, we have a choice of exchanges and we have an increasing number of decentralized exchanges that cannot be hacked. There have been hacks as recent as this year, however, serious exchanges have always reimbursed victims financially.

3. Buying cryptocurrencies has never been easier

Trying to buy Bitcoin in 2010 was enough to discourage anyone. First, computers at that time were slow anyway, and second, the wallet. Downloading the blockchain and then figuring out where and how to send money to some obscure website to receive your BTC was just a proverbial nightmare.

Investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is now as easy as buying a book on Amazon. With Coinbase leading the way, with the currencies available: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and even Bitcoin Cash for sale with a bank card or bank transfer, buying Crypto Reddit, P2P couldn’t be easier.

4. More information is available

Five years ago, if you wanted to invest in the crypto market, it was difficult to find a lot of information about many of the projects. Cryptocurrencies were a subject unknown to most people. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies now, it’s a very different scenario.

Several websites, social networks, Reddit in particular, are full of information and news about what to invest in and why. Most importantly, coup attempts are being exposed much more quickly than before. So investing in cryptocurrencies is now much safer, as long as you use the information available to you.

5. The potential of blockchain technology is considerable

This is a brilliant and very simple one. There is no reason for you to invest in coin. However, if you can see the potential that blockchain technology will bring to the world in the coming years, you will see that the time to invest is now.

Will it earn you millions? It is very unlikely, however, there will be a small minority of those who launch themselves into excellent projects, early enough and will make millions with small investments. You always need to consider your investment. If it is a long-term investment and hold on to the coins when investing.

6. There are no more weak hands in the crypto market

Since the huge rush and the subsequent collapse, correction and stabilization in the past twelve months, the cryptocurrency market and typical cryptocurrency investors have changed.

Of course, that kind of madness bought investors who literally did not do research and made a lot of money and then panic sold, even though they were holding on to solid investments by the time they saw the red. Why? Because people were so used to everything that goes up daily that they really panic if one of their investments falls a little bit in a day, so they sell.

Weak hands are probably out of the game now, and those left behind have learned their lessons about when to sell and when to hodl. Hopefully anyway, because this is going to be a real change in the game.

7. Buying low and selling high is important in any investment

While it seems obvious to buy low and sell high, many people allow their emotions to get in the way of investing in cryptocurrency. For those who entered the market in the “Crypto Rush” of the end of 2017, this simple logic is still difficult to accept.

However, prices have fallen and stabilized, so investing now is much safer than it was then. Of course, it is still a risk, but much less of one. Prices may fall further, however, they will not fall by the same percentage that they have already fallen during the year. At least not serious projects. Follow the tips of Wall Street experts, they don’t make money just by buying low and selling high.

8. Blockchain is here to stay

If it is not clear to you now that blockchain is here to stay, then perhaps investing in cryptography is not for you. Many of the projects that we see today will disappear, because they do not offer a functional product that has no application in real life. However, there are many blockchain projects that exist today and are here to stay. Financial institutions are also getting involved, which is good news.

Blockchain technology has so many real-world applications where it could be extremely beneficial. However, due to the fact that we are at the beginning of the blockchain being accepted as a useful technology, it is important to remember that not all projects will be successful.

9. The encryption bubble has burst

Many people were once saying that almost exponential growth in the value of Bitcoin and other altcoins was unsustainable. Ultimately, it was. However, throughout the year, we saw a strong correction followed by a period of slow stabilization.

Weak hands have been squeezed, investors are much more cautious and regulations are a little clearer. Investing in cryptocurrencies is now a much safer bet than it was years back. For example, even if your profits are not as fast or exciting, the chances of you suffering a massive loss after buying Bitcoins are much less.

10. It is not too late

This one last point is the most sensible out of the reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies. One of the problems that people are hearing about investing in cryptocurrencies is that they arrived “too late” or “missed the boat”. This is simply not true. It may be unlikely that the value of Bitcoin will increase 20,000 times in 8 years, as in the last eight years (before dropping significantly). However, investing in cryptocurrencies now makes you one of the first investors.

Cryptocurrencies have a long way to go, but as adoption increases and people realize it is here to stay, the value will increase. Just because you are not seeing 30 percent increases in your dashboard every morning, it does not mean that you are late, in fact, it means that you are investing at the right time.

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