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With the advent of internet, these comes with a proven vista of opportunities for making money online from the comfort of your homes, office, hostels or better still anywhere you are.

It only requires your skills, knowledge, internet connection using your smartphone, tablets, Laptops or PC computers.

There are various genuine and fraudulent get paid offers and openings online. Some are simpler to do work and earn jobs online are: transcriber and translation freelancing, editing and proofing online freelance work from jobs, data entry, virtual assistance jobs, paid survey opinion polls get paid jobs.

However the big work lies in fishing out and identifying the genuine paying online programs that one can actually engage in, and get paid after completion of the jobs or task.

In this post we will be looking at various tested and proven ways one can start earning income online for student teens and high graduates. Some of these online work at home jobs are for worldwide audience, while some are for a particular residence or regions such as USA, Canada, Australia and European Citizens or residents, also some jobs are made for females, nursing moms or can also be for all or general.

They include but not limited to

  1. Affiliate Programs and Marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Content Creator such as article writer and motion picture, animation creation
  4. YouTuber and Operation Channel
  5. Creating, Selling Online Course
  6. Drop Shipping and Online shop
  7. Computer Programming and Coding jobs
  8. Web design and Mobile App Developer
  9. E-Freelance gig worker e.g. transcriber, proof reader, editor, logo designer, virtual assistant.
  10. SEO and Online Marketing
  11. Consulting

The above listed programs are some of the genuine and proven ways to create wealth online and earn steady income , while being your boss with 9-5 office job. Some of these income generating programs online require little or no initial investment capital to start e.g. affiliate marketing, Youtuber, article writing, virtual assistant etc

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