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Top Best Agribusiness to do and create your own Agro Wealth Empire.

Have you ever thought of venturing into agriculture, farming or other agro-related businesses? In this post we will highlight some of the major agribusiness you can start to make money and create wealth.

In most regions agriculture is the highest employer of labour and always unsaturated sector of the economy, as people will eat food to live, survive and grow everyday,

Some of the agribusiness to start and create wealth for youself are listed below

Poultry farming

Fishing farming

Forage production and supplies

livestock farming e.g. Cattle for milk production and supplies.

Mushroom and India helm farming.

Vegetable farming.

Fruit Plantation e.g. Orange Orchards, Mango Plantation, Banana and Plantain Plantation, Cashew, Pawpaw and Guava farm plantation.

Livestocks Feeds and Feed Mill Supplies: This include Poultry feeds production, Ruminants feeds and Fish feeds manufacturing.

Livestock and Animal Equipments Sales and Supplies e.g. Poultry feeding trays and drinkers, Cages, brooder units, incubator system units, egg hatchery units, tractors ( planters, mowers and harvesters) irrigation systems etc.

Farming Input Sales and Supplies: Improved Seeds and Seedlings sales, Fertilizer Sales and Supplies, Pesticides, Fumigation.

Value Chain and Agro-produce processing: Processing of farm produce such as tomatoes, pineapple, oranges, apples and banana in fruit juices; conversion of animal dungs to organic manures for home garden farming.

These are some agribusiness that will always create wealth for you. Depending on your location, preference, capital to start.


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