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Top 10 Profitable Crop Farming businesses In Nigeria: How To Start Making Money

Crop farming

Crop farming in Nigeria is a very profitable and lucrative business that you can venture into and make huge profits. You already know that people must eat in order to survive, so crop farming in Nigeria is a great opportunity for you. There is no denying the fact that food is at the top of the list of the basic needs of any human being. So, when you provide this basic need you shall definitely make huge returns at the end.

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When you talk about the most lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria, crop farming business is up there on the list. Deciding on the particular crop farming business to venture into might pose a challenge to you. It is for this reason that I have compiled this very list of top profitable crop farming business in Nigeria. You can start with one or more of the crops listed in this article.

Looking at agriculture in Nigeria today, it is becoming more lucrative and profitable by each passing day. Now is the best time to invest your money in agriculture especially as the history of agriculture is becoming more en enticing. The purpose of this article is to highlight the most profitable crop farming in Nigeria with huge profit potential.

What Is Crop Farming?

To be simply put, crop farming is the cultivation or production of crops on the farm. It can be on a commercial or subsistence scale, depending on the choice of the farmer or agri-entrepreneur. There is also what is called intensive crop farming which involves the industrialized production of crops for commercial purposes.

In Nigeria, crop farming and production have been in place for a very long time. You will not be wrong if you say crop farming in Nigeria is as old as Nigeria itself.

Why Crop Farming And Production In Nigeria?

You may be asking why crop farming of all the different and most lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria. Well, the answer is very simple and it is because of the huge and quick returns on investment. I believe there can’t be a better reason not to consider crop production and farming business in Nigeria.

Agriculture in Nigeria today is quite taking a positive shape which is the more reason to venture into agribusiness investments. When you consider the amount of money farmers are making from cash crops in Nigeria, farming will become your hobby.

Most Profitable Crop Farming Business Ideas

  • Cassava farming business

This is arguably the best crop farming business in Nigeria at the moment, and it has been enriching farmers over the years. Cassava farming is among the easiest crop farming in Nigeria as it can be easily done with the cassava stems. The good thing about cassava farming business is that it matures within a year. This means you can get your returns on investment within the shortest possible time.

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Cassava is one of the most popular crops in Nigeria and is widely consumed by many if not all Nigerians. It can be consumed in the form of garri, akpu or fufu, and it can also be used for industrial purposes as raw material. In fact, the value chain of cassava is simply too numerous to count. Cassava can be used in the production of flour for the making of cakes and bread as well as other snacks. You can also use cassava for the production of ethanol.

  • Rice farming

In Nigeria, rice is arguably the most consumed foodstuff. If that is the case, then you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you of the huge profit potential in rice farming. The demand for rice in Nigeria is so huge that thousands of metric tons are imported every year. So if you get confused on the crop farming business in Nigeria to venture into, rice farming is a sure bet.

Very few people venture into rice farming majorly because it is capital intensive. If you have the money and all the necessary requirements, then you are certainly on course to making good money. You can harvest your rice within 6 months after planting.

  • Beans farming

In Nigeria, beans are one of the major sources of protein for Nigerians. There is no culture or religion that is against the consumption of beans. This tells you that there is a very large market for beans farmers in Nigeria. You can harvest your beans more than three times in a year as it takes about three months to attain maturation.

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  • Plantain farming business

Plantain farming is another very lucrative and easy to start a crop farming business in Nigeria. With fertile land and a healthy sucker, you are good to go with your plantain farming business in Nigeria. You only have to plant your plant suckers once and it will start multiplying on its own year after year. Your work is to ensure that the suckers are properly cared for on the farm so that they can grow freely.

  • Vegetable farming business

Vegetable farming is a very lucrative and profitable crop farming business in Nigeria with huge profit potential. You can even start this business in your backyard and it is very easy to start as well. All you have to do is plant your vegetables and properly care for them until maturation. So, if you are looking for a profitable and easy to start crop farming venture then you should consider vegetable farming business. It also provides very quick returns on investment.

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  • Maize farming

Among the most profitable crop farming in Nigeria is maize farming business. When you talk of the most lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria, maize farming is one of them. Although maize is a seasonal crop, it is greatly consumed in Nigeria. Commercial maize farming business is very lucrative with high-profit potential.

You can sell in bags or tons to the people involved in pap production, animal feed production, as well as beverage production. Just within a period of 5 months, your returns on investment starts to flow into your bank account.

  • Cucumber farming business

You can make millions of naira with commercial cucumber farming business in Nigeria. Although very little attention has been paid to this crop by farmers, the profitability is very huge for you to ignore. Over the years, cucumber has grown to become a well-accepted crop in Nigeria, so investing in it would really be a great one.

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  • Yam farming

Yam is a crop in Nigeria that you would like to invest your money in. Just like rice and beans, yam is a crop that is widely accepted and consumed across Nigeria on a daily basis. Commercial yam production in Nigeria is a huge agribusiness investment that guarantees good returns. All you have to do is know the necessary cultural practices needed for yam farming in Nigeria.

  • Potatoes farming

This is another lucrative root crop you can invest your money in Nigeria. Unlike yam farming, potatoes farming is very easy to cultivate and care for. You can harvest your potatoes within 6 months of planting, hence a quick return on your investment. Lots of families enjoy potato in Nigeria, so it makes the marketing very easy as well.

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  • Egusi (Melon) farming

In Nigeria, egusi soup is one of the most popular soups and it is widely consumed as well. Due to the stress in the harvest of the egusi seeds, lots of Nigerian farmers shy away from this money making venture. This stress is also one of the major reasons the egusi seeds are very expensive in the market today. With your determination to make huge profits and provide value to Nigerians, you can venture into this very profitable crop farming business.

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You need to know that the above list of the most profitable crop farming in Nigeria does not follow any particular order. Starting any of them guarantees very good returns provided you follow the rules of the game. You can see for yourself that agriculture in Nigeria today is no longer what it used to be. So, you have to seize this opportunity with both hands and legs as well.


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