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Why You Need to Start Investing Now, Start Invest Today !

Some people thought that it is only when they have enough money, that they will start to invest.

School leavers, newly employed, self-employed, retirees all can start investing in any of theses investment platforms below:

One can invest in stock markets, bonds, treasury bills, mutual funds, REITs, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

Why You Should Start Investing Now

How much does it take to invest in any of these income earning investment opportunities?

You can start today to invest in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, treasury bills, with as low as $100 or more. The earlier one start to invest in these income earning instruments the better, the best time to start is NOW.

Start investing in your late twenties and create wealth with compounding when you are in your forties.

Invest in cheap priced stocks and they will grow in value and price over these years and also overcome the impact of inflation on the value of money.

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