selective focus photography of mango

Mango is one of the fruits well cherished by most inhabitance in the tropical region. There are many breeds of mangoes that grows around these areas. Mango have both nutritional, health and economic benefits to man. They can be planted and uses as an agribusiness plantation. Many industries produces mango or fruits juices with mango juice mixed.

In this article we will discuss how you can establish a Mango plantation, maintenance requirements and how to make money in a mango plantation agribusiness venture.

Before you go into Mango plantation, you should conside the mango fruit species to plant or use for your mango plantation establishment.

A good mango fruits to be used in establishing plantation should be (I) Well adapted to the environment. (2) It should be diseases resistant to common diseases affecting mango, in the area. (3) It should attained maturity between 3 to 5 years.

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