How to Start a Computer Business Center in Nigeria-Ghana

All you need to start a Computer Business Center, equipments, costing/budgeting and strategies for running a profitable computer business center are discussed

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In the West African countries like Nigerian and Ghana a computer business center is any shop where you can carry out your official secretarial works. 

These include:

Typesetting and Printing of all kinds of documents, like letters, projects reports, business report, Minutes of meetings; Graphic designing of all kinds of invitation cards such as birthday, wedding, child or house dedication and burial/funerals; Photocopying of documents,

Lamination of documents,

Spiral binding of documents, projects and reports.

True, some people have inventured into this business with a level of failure, most investors have recorded remarkable success running computer business center business. The opportunity for  investing in this business line is not yet saturated. With a few thousands, you can start counting hundreds of thousands in a matter of few weeks. The main question is how do one start a profitable and successful business center in Nigeria and Ghana.

Read on and discover the tips for running a profitable business center business in Nigeria and Ghana.

Get A Space Near Office Complex, Universities, Schools, local or States, Secretariates, Corporate organizations

The space does not have to be a shop. A small iron container of 8 X 8 feet size will be suitable enough for a start, there is always a room for improvement. It is important that you situate your business center shop near one of the above mentioned places: A school environment, any public office such as local government, banks, electricity company, tax offices, major junctions in cities etc. This will guarantee a lot of turnover and patronage for your newly established business center. Do not bother yourself with whether people are already doing the same business in the area, you will definitely make your money as long as it is a place in the CITY.

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Some of the requirements you need furniture you need include two tables, two chairs and a couple of stools, a ceiling or wall fan. These are in addition to other major equipments as we are going to discuss in the following sub headings.

Buy Equipment For Your Computer Business Center

One of the main equipment you need is a Photocopier. Although there are those willing to sell you fairly used machine claiming it will serve the same purpose as that of a new one, it is strongly advised you buy a new photocopier machine. This will not just last longer, it will save you the stress of having to call in a technician each time the machine breaks down. Take it from me, fairly used photocopy machine can be stressful and may disappoint you in a short run.

The new one will also make the photocopied works come out sharp and fast. To your advantage, there is also manufacturer guarantee on the new photocopier machine. As a neophyte, you really do not want to bother yourself fixing an old machine. It is economical to buy a new one.

Computer Business Center Consumables

You will also need to get A4 paper, spiral binding films and rings, laminating films, printer cartridges ink or toner. A4 papers can either be bought in a rim or in carton of five rims. Depending on your purse, either of the choices is okay, but there is always a discount for bulk paper purchases.

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You need to get staplers and pins too. There is giant paper stapler and also regular sized stapling machine too. It is advisable that you get both as you will be having customers doing high and low volumes of work.  The other consumables you will need are spiral binding materials. These days, you do not need to use spiral binding machine depending on the volume of work you want to bind at once.

Equipments and Non Consumable Materials

Your business center is incomplete if you do not own a computer system. So start with one system at first. It is advisable that you get a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer. If your purse does not permit that however, you can go for a desktop computer.

The advantage that a laptop has over a desktop computer is that it saves you more power. This is a good deal considering that power supply is erratic in Nigeria. The battery of your laptop can serve you for few hours that you would have spent consuming fuel if you had chosen a desktop. The amount you will be spending on the laptop does not need to weigh you down.

You will also need to get an internet modem for customer who will want to print out from their email inbox. Be aware though that you are not an Internet cafe. The essence of the internet connection is so that those who want to download or upload documents can do so conveniently without going to the internet cafe.

Instant Passport Sized Photo Service

The need for instant photographs for official and other purposes cannot be overemphasized. Everyday, thousands of images are snapped at various business centers across the nation. The popular digital photo printer you need to get started is Hiti. As you will note in the budget section, it is not too expensive for you not to include it in your business center services and investment. In addition, you also need to get a digital camera with minimum of 8 pixel and above.

Get Shop Attendants

Because you have to attend to a lot of customers with different mission who come in simultaneously, it is impossible for you to do the business without hiring an office/shop assistant. Whether you are employing a male or a female, your assistant must have a knowledge of computer operations. It is not difficult to come across such one.  With time, you may need to get two attendants as your computer business centre grows. Ensure you monitor them closely as they tend to be dishonest with sales records, this will be a story for another day.

Computer Business Center Business Potentials

As long as human race exists, there will always be need for transacting business at the various business centers available. While it is true that many people now have computers in their homes and offices that do some of these works for them, they often find themselves running to these business centers when they run out of inks, toners, or even papers.

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Sometimes, they find it difficult to replace these things because they did not use the ones consumed for commercial purpose. Even if they have these materials, they still run to the business centers when they have to print in bulk. What is more, they cannot go about town with their photocopying machines, papers and staplers.

When they have emergencies on the road, they will surely need you to do their business for them. The edge you have over private owners is that you are always there. Come rain or shine, power supply or not, paper or not. That is your main business.

Computer Business Center how profitability

While compiling this article, i did a survey by asking computer business center owners around Ikeja, Lagos State questions. On the average, they make N6,000 daily. I wondered if that is the truth. But few minutes spent in their shops reveal they may be making much more on a daily basis. An individual can walk in and make photocopies worth N2,000 at once. And there will be several others making such in a day.

A page of typesetting work (typing and printing) ranges between N100 and N200 you can do two pages for customer, you can also do 200 or more for 20 others in a day if it is a final year project or business reports. Photocopying of documents, letters in A4 paper goes for N10 to N 20 per page, then multiply it my the number of pages of documents photocopied. Spiral binding of documents and reports price is between N100 to N200, and lamination of documents and certificates goes for N200 and above depending on the document or size of the film to be used.

Even if you do not make up to N6,000 in a day, and you make half of it as a beginner, you will grow to the point of making much more than that in a matter of few months.

Computer Business Center Equipment Costing and Budget

New Photocopying Machine -N60,000

New Laptop Computer -N80,000

Spiral Binding Machine -N10,000

Laminating Machine -N12,000

Staplers/Paper Cuter -N5,000

Modem and subscription -N5,000Paper and other consumables (spiral binding materials, laminating films, photo papers) N10,000

Hiti Photo Printer -N40,000

Gasoline Generator -N50,000

Furniture N20,000

Total N292,000

However the cost of rentage shop was purposely not included, because the price varies from one place/ location to the other. Even if you arrive at N400,000 after adding that, it is still a wise investment. Remember you can conveniently make N6,000 in a day just typing and photocopying if you are situated in a busy area. This means that you can get back the total capital you have invested in less than 3 months. If you go for a bank loan, you will conveniently pay back in seven months while you attend to other basic needs in your life.

Wishing you all the best as you consider investing in business center.  If this article has benefited you in any way, please do not hesitate to drop your comments below.

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