How to Raise Startup Capital for Your Business II

How to Raise funds or Startup Capital for Your new small or already existing Business II, Funding sources and how to build start-up capital tips

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How to Raise Startup Capital for Your Business II, is a follow up post on our earlier published post on how to raise funds or startup capital for new businesses.

The most important requirement for any business to start and prosper is capital. Capital is the most vital aspect of any business startup foundation. The lack of adequate funds is a primary contributor to business failure, according to multiple studies. After conducting detailed market research and feasibility studies, the next step is to look for capital.

To avoid failed business startups, many aspiring business people tend to opt for business for sale or turn elsewhere for financial support instead of relying solely on their pockets. Some of the ways to raise startup capital for your business are as follows;

Best Ways to Raise Startup Capital for Your Business


Self-funding is also known as bootstrapping. This is where you use funds that you have saved up or obtain assistance from friends and family. When you get financial assistance from family and friends, the terms of payment are easier since they will give you flexible loan repayment plans. The easy terms of repayment give you adequate time to concentrate on growing your business until it breaks even.

Check out these online savings platforms with high interest, they can help you save with ease.

Crowdfunding Sources

The crowd funding concept consists of a platform where individuals present their business ideas or difficulties to a group of investors who are ready to support them. You are basically required to table your business idea and explain its potential for growth to try and convince the group of investors who make a pledge to support you and proceed to donate funds.

Crowd funding gives your business exposure and marketing and consequently garners you cash for your business startup. This is effective way to attract future investors as the business expands. Crowd funding enables you entrust your business startup plan to credible investors and avoid brokers who might take advantage of you.

Here are some crowdfunding sites to look at;


Angel Investments

An alternative way to gather funds for your business startup is through angel investors. Angel investors are individuals who have huge amounts of money and are willing to invest it in brilliant business ideas. Angel investors sometimes form organizations and work together to find a perfect candidate whom they can fund.

How to Raise Startup Capital for Your Business

Angel investors not only cater for the much needed startup capital but also give vital mentorship and experience programs. The most effective channel for reaching out to angel investors is through social media channels where their presence is heavy. The more people you reach out to the better, as they will analyze your business plan and give you feedback in terms of reviews that will help you market your products and services.

It is advisable to work with individuals who have engaged the help of angel investors in the past and have succeeded. Link up with investors who are interested in your target market and who have the desire to succeed since this will motivate you to work hard and realize the expected returns on investment.

The United States have some notable Angel Investors ready and willing to invest in your bankable business idea.

Venture Capital

Venture capitals are handled by experts who have a skilled eye for picking out business prospects that have great potential. They major on investing in solid businesses rather than in equities. Once the prospective business acquires an initial public offer or acquisition, they proceed to seek other investments. Venture capitals are careful to monitor the growth of a business they invest in to ensure sustainability and expansion.

Apart from giving startup capital, venture capitals also offer important mentorship and expert training programs for sustainability and growth of your business.

Here is a list of Venture Capital Firms for USA, Europe and parts of Asia. Nigerians and other parts of African can check here.

Business Incubators and Accelerators

Business incubators are business startup programs that create a relatively cheap environment for you to set up a business by offering administrative, networking and consultative services. On the other hand, business accelerators speed up business growth by giving access to investors, mentorship and other necessary support to enable you stabilize.

Here are few business incubators and accelerators to check out;


Acquiring business startup capital does not have to be a headache. If your savings are not enough to support your start up plan, consider the other options discussed above to assist you overcome the challenges at the start of a new business.

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