How to Exchange Bitcoin to any Altcoin and Vice Versa

Discover how to convert your bitcoins to other altcoin directly in an exchange without selling and then buy the desire crypto, direct conversion from bitcoin to other crypto in no time guaranteed


Exchange Bitcoin Altcoin

How to Exchange Bitcoin Altcoin
How to easily exchange bitcoin to other altcoins with using fiat currency

Do you own any Altcoin (any cryptocurrency other than bitcoin) and wish to convert them to bitcoin without having to sell for cash before buying your choice of coin?

I have good news for you.

Before now, most Crypto buyers and sellers are limited to buying and storing a particular cryptocurrency without the option of exchanging same to another currency of choice if the need arise without buying directly from a crypto exchange merchant or dealer.

For example,

Assuming I purchased or was paid 10 ETH (Ten Etherium) for a service rendered or product sold and I decide to use the crypto (10 ETH) to make a purchase or pay for a service myself  and on reaching checkout, I noticed the merchant only accept Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC) or any other coin but not ETH; before now, I have no other option than to go use my USD (or any other currency) to purchase the accepted crypto coin before I can effect payment.

Well, you do not have to follow such stringent process any more.

There is a solution to the above scenario.

You can now exchange bitcoin to any altcoin and vice versa by yourself without paying any merchant or exchange dealer for such service.

Have you heard of Changelly?

I bet you’ve not.

Well, Changelly is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Site that allows you to convert any cryptocurrency to another of your choice.

After conversion, which takes between 5-30 minutes to confirm, you can store, transfer your crypto to your private wallet, online wallet, merchants account or even straight to your trading account (for traders like me).

All you are required to do is to first sign up at with your best and easily accessed email, get a link sent to you, confirm the link and get a password. Log in to your account, navigate to profile and change the default password to any strong password of your choice. I will also advice activating 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) using Google Authenticator for stronger security. (Message me on how to download and activate Google Authenticator).

After securing your account, you are good to go.

Just send the cryptocurrency you wish to convert to your changelly account, then select the altcoin you wish to convert to and within minutes you will receive your converted crypto.

Below is a Changelly widget that shows you how much a particular crypto is worth against another and you can also make your exchange from here but that will be after you must have signed up.

[do_widget id=adinj-32]

If you need more information or clarification on how Changelly works, do well to comment below and I will be glad to help you.

To your crypto success.

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