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How to Choose a good Broker for Trading Digital Assets may be difference between a successful investors or traders and the unsuccessful investors and traders.

How is a broker ?

Brokers are intermediaries between an investor or trader

Features of a good Broker

These are some of the things to look out for when selecting your broker for investment or trading of digital assets such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, ETFs, Commodities and binary options.

They include

  1. Prompt orders execution : A broker must be able to execute orders and instructions to buy or sell very fast, as delay may result in change in the price of the asset of interest.
  2. Have a good Support team : reputable broker will respond fast to the queries and difficulty their clients are having in using their platform. There should be more ways to get across the brokers support team such as emails, phone call, chatting and social media channels.
  3. Have user friendly and responsive site: and easy to navigate platforms e.g. website, mobile app. Also their website will have many languages or options to choose a preferred language.
  4. Be registered and lincenced: Have a registered office, with regulatory approval and license in most regions where it operates.
  5. Have a learning and tutorial section for newbies to learn and master their platform tools and interface.
  6. Have more ways to deposit: A smart broker should have many payment options and methods to deposits rather than limiting in its clients to few deposits options.
  7. Should provide a variety of digital assets to trade on, such as fiat , cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, ETFs, REITs, commodities and derivatives/ CFD

We will list some brokers that are highly recommended

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