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If you have hired top performers as a small business owner, then you would understand why they say employees are assets to any company.

As a small business owner, your top performers will become a vital part of your business. How well do you think your business will thrive if your top performers leave?

Not very well, I guess.

To avoid unplanned business downtimes, you have to retain employees that give their all for the growth of the business.

How can you even do this?

We know that it is incredibly difficult to retain good employees as top performers have many choices and options.

Here is a guide on how to retain your best employees. In this guide, you would get to know:

  • The meaning of employee retention
  • The objective of employee retention
  • Why employees leave
  • Why you should retain your best employees
  • Ways to Improve your employee retention
  • How to measure your employee retention rate

7. What is Employee Retention?

Employee retention is defined as an organization’s ability to retain its employees. Employee retention is also a process in which the employees of a company are motivated and encouraged to stay in an organization for a long period of time for the sustainability of the organization.

The ultimate aim of employee retention is to make both the employer and the employee happier. Employee retention facilitates loyal employees sticking to the company for a long time.



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