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Strategies of 60 seconds binary options

Many traders try to make deals for 60 seconds binary options in order to get high returns in a short time. It is quite possible to do it, but we should remember one of the investment rules: the more profit, the higher the risk.

Some people associate 60 seconds binary options strategies with roulette: there is a chance to win and get income, but the end of the trade is difficult to predict. Advanced traders do not use short contracts for a long time. In case of long-terms options technical analysis comes into play, there is a chance to predict the trend movement.

Remember the rule: in 80% of cases we buy (for growth) from the support line, and sell from resistance (for fall)

How to trade properly?

A rebound from the price level is used in operations with turbo transactions. This means that the user must hold a support or resistance level. When the price comes to the established level it will probably push off it. At this moment you need to enter the transaction. A signal to enter can also serve as a breakdown of the level, followed by a return.

Strategy for 60 second binary options “Parallel channels” involves the analysis of the chart with the marking on support and resistance lines. When the price comes to the lines, touching them and goes back, you need to open a deal.

Putt parameter – if the price moves down, with the Call indication, if it goes up. When the line breaks, you need to buy a contract on the trend. Remember the rule: in 80% of cases we buy (for growth) from support, and sell from resistance (for fall). 

How to build, to determine support and resistance levels on the chart?

If you are trading for a minute, then additionally open 5 or 15-minute charts. Next, note where the price over the past few days, hours, reached the highs and lows, in a loose sense, it will be the support levels (lows) and resistance (highs).

Note also the consolidation zones where the price was in a narrow range, perhaps there is also one of the levels. This is very important when you are trading binary options strategies for 60 seconds. Parallel lines are rare “guests” in the graph. Besides, other figures of technical analysis may coincide with.

 These are shoulders, head, triangle, triple or double bottom and others. To understand clearly when we can enter transaction, you need to know the value and be able to recognize them in the current market situation.

How profitable trading strategies do operate?

The strategy for 60 second binary options appeared due to the fact that many traders can not be realized in the classic trade within short expiration dates. That is why some of them decided to try non-standard ways. In among the profitable ways let’s mark the following:

2 chair system. The essence of the strategy for 60 second binary options is to open two opposite bets on each asset at the same time. Rates are Put and Call. The trader closes the deal early: it all depends on where the price moves.

Price Action. The strategy is that the trader opens the asset in four graphs, but with different time intervals. Time intervals: 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 and 15 minutes. You need to enter the deal when the last candles are closed in the same direction.

The Martingale Strategy. It’s an operational strategy and many traders know it. It consists in multiplying the rate (x2) in defeat. The next trade will compensate losses. And for previous deal’s each time a little profit will be left for an investor.

How do we trade profitable strategies in 60 second binary options?

One of the most effective indicators that can be used for a minute time interval is Stochastic (default settings are used). You need to remove it from indicators’ list, set at the graph and analyze signals to close a transaction:

– Put-indicator lines go beyond the shaded line and cross it in the direction from the bottom up;

– Call-indicator lines go beyond the shaded line and cross it from top to bottom.

We can hope that the main assistant of any specialist is his intuition and time. And all the strategies recognized as effective are a set of tools and techniques tested and worked out by the trader personally. Only under these conditions it is possible to earn good money.

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