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If a woman does this around you, she is interested in having a relationship with you

A lot of men find it difficult to approach women to tell them how they feel towards them; they either fear rejection or don’t want to embarrass themselves. Although some people will argue that it is a necessary risk to take for men who are interested in starting a relationship, there are men who are think different. They are reserved and will need clues to be able to summon the confidence to approach a woman.

In this article I will share with you some basic things ’signals’ a woman will do around you to send you messages of her being interested in having a relationship with you. And because in our part of the world men are the ones that initiate the physical approaching this signs will make your job much easier.

1. When a woman always seeks to be around you; whether in a working environment, school, restaurants or any other public space, if you notice a woman making efforts have a conversation with you, seat besides you and offers assistance, she is interested in you. 

2. When she is always asking about you; when a woman seems to ask about you from people close to you; friends and family, she is falling for you and wants to know more about you, your personality and decide her next move.

3. If she tells you some man is interested in her; when a woman tells you a member of the opposite sex are bugging her, most often than not it is a test. She is just trying to see how you will react; whether you will show some form of interest by let’s say some form of jealousy. Therefore next time a woman tells you that, she might be given you a clue  

3. When she changes her body language when you are near her; very rare will you find a woman braze up to tell a man she interested in him. But what they can’t say with their mouths, they do with the signals the send through body postures and movements. Some common by language signals a woman sends to a man are; when she changes the way she walks, when she dances in front of you, when she is sitting and her toes are pointed toward your direction. 

4. Asks if you have a girlfriend; this is a giveaway, most time when a woman asks this question, she wants to know who and what she is up against. Therefore asking you about your relationships is a way of her knowing what to expect from you. 

5. When she stares at you; they say ‘the eyes is the mirror to the soul’, this is so much true when it comes to a woman showing interest in a man. Hence, when you see a woman starring at you don’t freak out she might just be falling for you.

6. She will always care about you , feel free with you, enjoys your company , smile and laughs with you.

7. She will give you gifts and accepts whatever you gave her without complaints.

I hope that this write up will help you approach that girl you’ve been interested in for some time now. You just have watch out for these signs and make your move.

Good luck!

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